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What to Bring

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  • Diapers – Please send in one full package of diapers labeled with your child’s name.
  • Wipes – Please send in one full container of wipes, also labeled. This container will stay in school and you will be notified to bring in refills when needed.
  • Sheets – All children will need a crib size sheet for nap time sent to school on Mondays and returned for wash on Fridays. Please label this also.
  • Change of Clothes – Each child will need at least one change of clothes that will stay in their cubby. Please remember to label each item of clothing you bring in.
  • Lunch – Please make sure to send in a nutritious lunch for you child each morning. Finger foods and sandwiches are preferred.
  • Ziplock Bags or Tissues – Any child in diapers will need to send in a box of gallon sized Ziplock bags. If your child is not wearing diapers, please send in a box of tissues.

Tips for the First Day of School

For Some children, going to school is a happy, uneventful break from family or caregivers. For other children the experience is both difficult and frightening. Until that first morning, there is no way to be absolutely sure of how your child will react. On occasion, days after, there is a delayed reaction accompanied by tears and non-verbalized fears. How parents react can play an important role in a child’s enthusiasm and acceptance. The language of support, before the event, can help to dispel some of the fears:

  • “You will have so much fun!”
  • “There will be toys and games to play with!”
  • “Your teacher will help you with the bathroom.”
  • “You can play with trucks.”
  • “You will learn your A,B,C’s.”
  • “You can paint and color.”
  • “Your teacher will be my friend too.”
  • “I will go to work and then I will come back to pick you up.”

At The Learning Tree, we will make every effort to make your child feel welcome and comfortable during their first day of school and every day thereafter.